Schliemann Family Tree


  1. A family tree of the Australian Schliemann family members and ancestors and related families.

To review the document hover over the top right of the image below and a “pop out” arrow will appear then click on that. The file will open after it downloads. I have highlighted in green/yellow the direct connection. Use Google doc instruction at the bottom to zoom in by using the + sign

2) An 1800 member tree with South African members and German/Danish and other Scandinavian members.

The file the link opens was prepared by Willibald Schliemann from Halle Germany. He wrote:

Dear Alan,

In the “MyHeritage” material of Monika Wittenberg you sent me I found a connection of your tree with another tree originating from Hamburg, now residing in East London, South Africa. The idea was to combine all available data into one tree which is now finished. It contains 1820 datasets (some of Monika’s data could not be included due to uncertainty). The juncture of your tree with the South African is SCHLIEMANN Herbert Claus (Klaus) born in 1834.

To see the expanded tree with Schliemann members and related persons click on the link and then click on the download sign to download the file with 1800 members which include a South African branch. It is very large but viewable if you continue to use the + sign to enlarge it. The Australian Schliemann members are in the far right bottom (80% of the way across) where you will find Thomas Alexander Schliemann, my grandson.

Alan Schliemann