Schliemann Family Information

Various data on the Schliemann Family:

This is just a start and I hope to continue to improve and update it as I research more of the Australian Schliemann family roots back to Europe. To see all of the current family tree and supporting documents look at the links on the Schliemann Family History, Index of Family documents…..and Schliemann Family Tree page.

The following is an English translation courtesy of Microsoft of the Schliemann history as updated in German by Gerd Wildfang in 1997.

English Translation of the Gerd Wildfang meaning of the name Schliemann


Another document is  the original German document (database) and has a list of Schliemann members and others. It is accompanied by a number of related lists of family members known at that time who are mainly from Mecklenburg but do not include any of the Australian Schliemann ancestors who lived in the Wilster area of Schleswig Holstein in Germany. These documents were sent by Thor Schliemann (no relation) from Denmark.


F A M I L I E S C H L I E M A N N -1 Edited by Gerd Wildfang


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